Clean First’s upholstery cleaning service available in Highgate is effective enough to remove all the stubborn stains and dirt, gentle enough not to damage furniture pieces, curtains and fabrics and also safe for the entire family. Whether you have kids and pets at home, you frequently host friends and family or you simply spend a lot of time at home, you will start noticing the upholstered furniture pieces start to lose from their initial beauty (the same that happens with carpets and rugs when they are in need of professional carpet maintenance and rug cleaning).

Upholstered furniture often experiences quicker wear and tear and can be easily damaged, stained, distressed. But don’t worry, because there is a very efficient, affordable and easy solution for you and this is our upholstery cleaning service in Highgate. Since dust, pollen, germs and food crumbs can’t be avoided, after all, we make sure to bring back all the stained and dirty furniture pieces, curtains and fabrics anywhere your house to their perfect initial condition and look. We will provide you with refreshing upholstery cleaning service, which will, in addition, extend the life of your furniture and is also safe and healthy for kids and pets, because of the highest quality non-toxic products and equipment we work with.

A flexible cleaning schedule for your needs

Dealing with stained and dirty fabrics is not an easy job. Besides the fact fabrics are pretty gentle, you have to know them well – the material and how it is properly to be cleaned if there are any patterns and certain colouration you have to keep in mind while dealing with the stain and more. In addition, you have to know the right method of removing the certain type of stain, be it greasy, oily, bloody, from grass, pet urine, etc. Instead of putting everything on risk, be sure to ask for professional help. Although you often expect the highest quality to be pretty expensive, at Clean First we can promise you professionalism at a very affordable price you will enjoy. We also offer the comfort of experience our professionalism at maintaining a flawless look and condition of your upholstery as a part of our office cleaning and commercial maintenance.

Powerful and effective upholstery cleaning

We are trained in the latest and most advanced upholstery cleaning system, which has a long-lasting sanitizing effect. Imagine thousands of microscopic bubbles injected into the fabric of your upholstered furniture and reaching to the deepest sport where dirt and allergens are accumulated to only remove them. This completely natural and insured cleaning method works equally perfect for all upholstered furniture materials and is completely safe. The products we use or not soapy, so no sticky residue would be left after using them to attract even more dust and dirt. We offer also protectant application for long-lasting protection for your upholstery furniture. Applying the protective product you will have a barrier between the fabrics and the environment, so dust and dirt particles can’t be caught between the fibres and also the original colour and texture of the fabric will be kept in their flawless condition for longer.