Your home is not always that messy, so you don’t need often an in-depth house cleaning service, but a one-off cleaning to refresh as a part of the maintenance routine. The same thing could be said for your workplace and the times when thorough office cleaning can be skipped for a while. Or your home is always very tidy and neat, however, you need some professional help to remove all the traces and marks of the last night party, or maybe after builder’s renovation and refurbishment project. No matter what situation you are into, be sure that we have the best solution for you and it is our one-off cleaning service available in Highgate. Quality, timely and affordable is some of the best features that make our service and help the most preferred and recommended in Highgate. For a short amount of time, we can make your home or working place look like after a week of care and maintenance. Don’t ask us how we achieve this, these are our magic skills of experienced and very competent professionals.

Cost- and time-effective cleaning services

After a long, dynamic and intensive working week and even worst – during the working week, not everyone has the time and energy to deal with the mess at home. Let’s be real, neglecting it and procrastinating will make it even worst, so instead of pretending your home is very clean and tidy or wondering where to start from and how to use your free time for relaxation for domestic tasks, which are also time-consuming and often very boring, better count on the professional. Clean First’s one-off cleaning team is here to completely transform your property in a flash! We offer quality, perfect organisation and a budget-friendly solution with the help of our vetted and qualified professionals and the latest fashion safe and family-friendly equipment and products, which are the best on the Highgate market.

Cutting-edge contemporary cleaning methods

We recognise the fact that every cleaning project in Highgate has its individual needs and every client – his personal preferences, so we are respectful to that and always custom-tailor the help we provide you with. Simply share your expectations with us and let us do our magic while minimising the disruption to your day-to-day life. A birthday party, important guests, or simply the need for a sparkling clean home – our service is good for all occasions and will help you enjoy tidiness and neatness.

Here is a short list of what our one-off cleaning service often include:

  • Caring for the entrance area and hallways – cleaning entrance door, light switches, skirting boards, carpet, hard floors;
  • Kitchen – as one of the most functional and for that reason the most used area of the home, kitchens need a lot of attention of: door, light switches, hob, oven, microwave, sink, fridge, cupboards, surfaces, washing machine, dishwasher, windows, carpet, floor, etc.
  • Living room – includes taking care of doors, light switches, skirting boards, mirrors, table, surfaces, windows, carpet, hard floor;
  • Bedroom – includes cleaning of the door, light switches, skirting boards, furniture pieces, carpet, hard floor, decoration and mirrors, windows;
  • Bathroom – doors, light switches, bath and shower, tiles, mirrors and decoration pieces, windows, floor, toilet and toilet seat, sinks, shower doors, drawers, etc.