House cleaning is an intensive task not everyone has the time and energy to do every week. After a dynamic working week, you deserve a relaxing weekend, not a day of dusting, washing and scrubbing and we have the perfect solution for you, just give it a try! Our house cleaning service available in Highgate is dedicated to all busy people, who need some extra time for themselves and a helping hand for the boring and time-consuming house care and maintenance tasks.

Keeping your house flawless is not an easy thing and requires a lot of time and energy as well as additional professional treatments like hard floor cleaning, carpet, upholstery cleaning and more. Making sure every square meter of every room is sparkling clean and fresh is a job, which is better be left on the specialists. We at Clean First are trained in the most successful and efficient methods and can guarantee extra flawless and sanitized home with a lot of attention to every detail. Keeping in mind your personal preferences and requirements after prior discussing the project with you and inspecting, we will settle on the best battle plan, which will provide you with maximum comfort and will answer all your expectations. Our house cleaning service is custom tailored to the demands of our Highgate clients and individually provided to the specifics of your schedule. The main duties we can promise to perform to perform timely and very professionally are cleaning:

  • Bedrooms – including dusting all the surfaces and washing all the furniture pieces, tops and drawers, decoration, vacuuming and mopping the floor, removing dirt build-ups from every spot of the room, washing the windows and walls, etc.
  • Kitchens often suffer dirt the most, because of the frequent everyday use and the beverage and food spills. Oil and grease tend to be very stubborn and hard to be removed, however, nothing can scare us, because we are very experienced and knowledgeable professionals.
  • Bathrooms – Because of the high level of humidity, steam and temperature amplitudes, bathrooms need a lot of attention to every detail and a good sanitising. To make sure your bathroom is a healthy, hygienic and sanitised place, we work hard and use the best-recommended cleaning products on the Highgate market.
  • Living rooms, lounge areas and hallways also need attention and we are ready to show them!
  • Additional services are available for our Highgate clients and we offer more in-depth window, carpet, hard floor and upholstery cleaning at very reasonable prices you will definitely enjoy!

Our house cleaning service is dedicated to all the tasks that should be done in order to have a sparkling clean, sanitised and overall a happy house to spend quality time and enjoy. Our cleaning methods and the products we use are other aspects of our professionalism and they are completely safe for the entire family. Be sure to get in touch with Clean First. We offer a house cleaning service to set the standards in Highgate and will enjoy helping you achieve and enjoy the home you desire and feel comfortable and happy there.