Upholstery furniture pieces are a common choice for many homeowners because of the comfort, appearance, and cosiness they bring into every house and every room. In fact, it is hard to envision the classic living room without a set of upholstery pieces no matter the type of fabric and the style. Upholstery pieces such as couches and sofas provide you with unbeatable comfort, relaxation, tranquillity.

Upholstery furniture pieces find a home in other areas of the house too, such as in the dining room in a form of upholstered chairs. Simply imagine the attractiveness and appearance of a set of beautifully upholstered chairs you will be proud with any time you have guests over. Unfortunately, despite the fact that upholstered pieces provide you with a lot of comforts and a great and elegant style, they also come with a lot of responsibilities, the main requirement being cleaning them regularly and maintaining them in a good condition. In fact, no matter how much we make sure to prevent accidents and keep the upholstered pieces extra clean and fresh, a good cleaning every now and then is required and much needed.

One of the main chores of every household is stain removal and upholstery cleaning. Having an efficient and reliable upholstery cleaning routine is very important so you can keep the comfort and beauty of your interior style in a tip-top shape, make sure that all upholstered pieces will serve your needs for a lot longer, and improve the quality of the indoor air since upholstery tends to attract dust, dirt, and allergens.

Here are some useful ideas on how to clean your upholstered pieces by yourself and make sure you remove all the dust, dirt, and stains:

  • Having a time-proven and effective upholstery cleaning and stain removal product is a very important element of your home arsenal of cleaning products, tools, and equipment. You should look for a product that is efficient enough in removing all sorts of stains and dirt yet mild enough to the textile without increasing the risk of quicker wear and tear and other damages. Finding such a product is not an easy job but after time you will be able to find the one and stick to it for a long, long time.
  • Never use more than one cleaning product for upholstery cleaning. The active ingredients in the two (or more) cleaning products may end up in a chemical reaction that can damage the fabric forever.
  • Once you have cleaned and washed the upholstery pieces, never dry them with a hairdryer. The high temperature of the hot air can damage the fabric.
  • Never pour a cleaning product directly on the fabric because this can damage the textile and leave a stain. The better way is using a soft cotton cloth to treat stains and dirt with.
  • Always make sure to read and follow the instructions of the upholstery cleaning product you are using.
  • Finally, if you do not feel convenient and confident enough to perform upholstery cleaning by yourself or you simply don’t have the time and energy to carry on this task, make sure to ask the experts for a helping hand a hire a professional upholstery cleaning team. In case you’re the other fabrics around the house need a refreshment too, consider a carpet cleaning and a curtain cleaning professional service.