In part one of our inspirational series, we have shared with you a few simple tips and tricks that are really easy to follow and incorporate in your own cleaning routine and lifestyle that will significantly change the way you feel about cleaning, organising and tidying up. Today we are continuing with our helpful recommendations from our experienced and skilled cleaning and organising professionals, so stay tuned in you are interested in learning more.

Since cleaning is not the most enjoyable thing in the world for many of us, it is still a necessity that has to be done in order to successfully run a functional and inspiring home (or workplace). And since it has to be done, your only way to start liking it a bit more, or not feeling it that painful and boring is set yourself in the right mood and peace of mind and try to find motivation and inspiration in even the smallest details.

Have a look at a few more helpful and fun tips and tricks and change the way you feel about the usual everyday tasks and chores around the house making them more enjoyable. There is nothing to beat the pleasure of a sparkling clean and well-organised home or workplace, so here is how to achieve it.

  • Organisation and tiding up – A collection of small items can easily create a big clutter and mess, so the best thing you can do is organise them in a way you like and it is comfortable for you to maintain this organisation as much as you can. For all the small items and trinkets on your bathroom counter or your vanity, you can use beautiful containers. You can be more creative and use different kinds of useful things like vintage tea boxes, glasses with an interesting design, vases and all types of decorative boxes for tidying up and collect all little items like nail polishes, lipsticks, etc. in one place. That way you can stay organised successfully, spend less time when getting ready in the morning and enjoy great appearance.
  • Piles of paper – Everyone has that area of the house, where all sorts of papers, bills, letters and all kinds of little items are making a great pile of clutter and mess. We all hate when the pile of items gets uncontrolled, so here is how to find a solution to this problem. First of all, go through everything and sort out the clutter. Throw away everything you don’t need. Everything left can be easily fitted in a beautiful basket that besides helping you to organise your house, also adds a more pleasant appearance.
  • Labels – Putting labels on things is another great way to stay organised and spend less time wondering where everything is.
  • Keep track on what you have to do at home the same way your working schedule and organisation method is working for you. Breakdown your chores for the day and make your own schedule that helps you out go through the day.