We are sure that you already have your own method of house cleaning. It is probably efficient and successful enough for you to stick to it for a while and stop testing new methods, techniques, products. When it comes to house cleaning and its regularity, convenience is normally the key and we all would like to stick to a certain and time-proven routine, otherwise, everything new will take too much time to settle to our routine. This is not the situation with carpet or after builders cleaning, for example, since we are in need of these once in a while and hiring a professional cleaning contractor is what we prefer. But not with taking care of the house. However, no one is born with all the lessons learnt and we can always learn something new and important that is better-working for us. Because of that today we share with you our top golden rules of cleaning with the hope to help you have and adopt a better-working and effective house cleaning routine.

Clean it up as soon as possible

This rule is especially important when it comes to stains – as soon you clean them, as less the risk of them turning permanent or very hard to remove. Clean up the spills before they turn into stains, attack them right away. Use the same strategy for clutter too! As soon as you deal with the tasks and chores awaiting, as easy it will be for you!

Time management

Give your cleaning products a chance to work better by leaving them for a while after applying them. Do not wipe off your cleaner directly after spraying it, use the time while you are waiting to do something else and come back a few minutes later. When you come back, there should be less scrubbing required.

Do not leave the room empty-handed

This is some of the best advice you can take advantage of. There is always something misplaced in your house, so instead of leaving the room empty-handed and gathering all the misplaced items for dealing with later on, better make your life easier and have a look what you can take with you to the destination room.

Gather all your cleaning supplies and tools

Put all supplies, tools and products in one basket, container or whatever is comfortable for you and bring them with you every time you are cleaning something, you never know what you might end up needing and you save yourself the wandering around the house.

Dust top-to-bottom and back-to-front

It is almost always better to work your way from top to bottom and from back to front. For example, start from the top floor, or start dusting the highest objects to avoid dragging the dirt all around the place and where you have already cleaned. Start with the ceiling fan, light fixtures, windows and curtains, work your way through furniture and finish with floor and baseboards.