With Spring just around the corner, the period of thorough house or office cleaning just has started. If you are just about to hop on the wagon, or you are already cleaning the house or workplace with full energy and enthusiasm, then it is just about time to remind you that there will be some nooks and corners that you are about to miss for almost sure. Like the houseplants, for example. Living or artificial, houseplants also need to be cleaned properly after the winter season in order to make them look better, help them feel better and grow and bloom how they used to and also get rid of practically all the possible dust collected in your house, or at the place you work, so there is no chance nasty seasonal allergies to ruin your day.

How to clean living plants

Springtime is the best time to take care and clean all the living plants at home. It is also the time that most of the houseplants blossom and wake up from their winter sleep, so cleaning them is the best way to help them grow bigger and feel better. How to clean them? Houseplants and especially those with bigger leaves often accumulate and attract a lot of dust. It is because of the fact that they are kept indoors during the colder months and there is practically very poor ventilation at the house during the colder months. Because of that dust and dirt mainly enters the house and hardly leaves it, without you dusting around regularly. In addition, plants breath through their leaves and these leafs being covered with dust only makes things worse and don’t allow plants to develop properly. So take a spray bottle and fill it up with clean water. Then spray the plants gently and blot the leaves gently with a sponge or clean cloth. You will be surprised at the amount of dirt and dust. Be sure there is no excess water collected anywhere, otherwise, you risk to your plants to get rotten. This is especially important for orchids. Springtime is usually the best time for taking more in-depth care for living houseplants, so be sure to ask your local gardener or specialists, or make a research.

Artificial houseplants

Artificial houseplants won’t die because of the fact they are dusty and dirty, but still, cleaning them regularly is important. Because of the materials, they are made of, artificial houseplants attract a lot of dust, which, once again, don’t ensure a healthy indoor environment. Plus the fact that dusty artificial plants and flowers simply don’t look ok and that appearing. In the case of these plants, there is almost nothing you can do wrong, so don’t worry you are going to ruin them. How to clean artificial houseplants? Simply pour warm water wherever it is convenient and add a few drops of dishwashing soap (it is mild enough not to ruin the plants) or shampoo. Them dip the plants in the solution and let them soak for a few minutes. Next, take them out and rinse with warm or cold water. Leave them outside at a sunny spot to dry completely before arranging them back again in the house.