We all love a clean house, but no one enjoy the hassle and stress of the everyday cleaning choruses. Things get even worse when we face some issues and problems we don’t know how to deal with. Our first instinct is probably to ask for assistance the professionals. Although professional cleaning help is much needed every now and then, simply because regular people don’t have the proper knowledge, tools and products to deal with some more specific pollution, stains, etc. and they often end up wasting their time and even worse – ruining fabrics, upholstery, carpets and more, some things and issues can really be handled very easily and doesn’t require particular skills, although at first, they may look like so. Today we are going to share with you a few simple tips on how to deal with some common household problems. Remember, we prefer to recommend you more natural and environment-friendly options. We try to reduce the usage of heavy chemicals and toxins as much as possible because we do not find them to be the best solution at all, plus they can turn out to be dangerously unhealthy.

Clothing – Blood stains on clothes? Don’t reach for bleach automatically. Bleach visually makes white clothes look whiter but doesn’t really clean the fabrics. A great alternative to all colours clothes is peroxide. Simply pour a few drops on the stain and proceed to wipe off every drop of blood off. This is a time-proven and checked by us method!

Stains with a different character, especially stubborn stains like from a permanent marker on appliances and countertops that you cannot easily treat with heavy chemicals can otherwise very easily be removed with rubbing alcohol. It works like magic, believe us, plus rubbing alcohol is not dangerous, because it evaporates very quickly. If this method still won’t give you the desired results, check out our blog for some helpful upholstery cleaning ideas!

Window cleaning can be much easier and give better results if you use vertical strokes when you are washing the windows outside and horizontal inside. This way you can easily tell which side has the streaks and remove them quickly. If you use vinegar for removing the dirt from outside windows, you will be really impressed.

Toilet cleaning is easier and more effective if you use Alka Seltzer. If you drop two tablets and wait around twenty minutes, then brush and flush, you will end up with very clean and sanitised toilet because the citric acid and effervescent contained in the Alka Seltzer tablets clean vitreous china amazingly well. Another way you can use Alka Seltzer is for removing stains from vases or cruets, thermos bottles, for unclogging drains.

If you have fleas in your carpet, then 20 Mule Team Borax can do the job. Simply sprinkle it and let it work for 24 hours, then vacuum it along with fleas, debris and dust. As simple as that, but it really makes a significant difference. Try it because carpet cleaning has never been that easy!!

As you can see cleaning your home doesn’t require expensive and heavy-duty cleaning products, neither special tool that cost way too much at the department store. Cleaning your house is a matter of knowing its needs and knowing also some natural and safe alternatives. There is a solution to any issue and you choose how you want it to be done. No matter what you are going for, make sure your house is a healthy and safe place.