No matter what you think that the house decluttering process is a whole, long journey, you are not completely right, because you don’t have to do it all at once in order to do it effectively and properly. Taking baby steps is another efficient method to attach the clutter and remove it from your life. You need only 5 minutes for every decluttering idea we are going to share with you below. What do you get? Well, how does it sound a clean, airy, neat and de-stressed home that is way easier to clean and take care? We think that this is fair enough!

Clear out one counter at time

Don’t start with huge projects. We understand that you may be enthusiastic at the beginning, but life is what it is and things not always happen the way you plan them. There may be unexpected ways that life can take your attention and change your focus, so start with small steps and one project at a time, so you can prevent feeling disappointed and guilty. Start decluttering one commonly used counter and then continue until you are ready with all flat surfaces at home. Try to keep the essentials and get rid of things that you haven’t used the last year… or you haven’t used never.

Floating objects

We call floating objects all the objects and items that don’t fit in one category or don’t have their own place in your house, so they float from one place to another. No matter if you don’t use them often, or you use them every day, these can cause a serious clutter, because of that take a moment and try to find a place for these.

The waiting period

Decluttering your entire house is the easiest part, believe us! The hardest part is to overcome the feeling of wanting to fill it just a few weeks later. This is how our mind works, we all want to fill the emptiness, however before purchasing something new, take your time to consider do your family and you really need it.

Prevent cluttering one room just because you have decluttered another

That is right, this is a tendency that occurs many people. The point of decluttering is not tidying up one room just to make another a mess, because you are placing there all the unused objects, but to get rid of everything you really don’t use and that doesn’t make you happy… forever!


All the papers, bills and documents floating around your house are some of the hardest things to keep organised. Do I need them, have they expired, are they important? No worry, because collecting everything in one folder will help you be more organised. Take one day every week to check the folder thoroughly and toss everything you don’t need.

Outdated medicines

These don’t have a place in your home! Throw them away according to the instructions.

The drawers

Empty all the drawers in a room and put back only what you need and makes you happy.

The Toss-Donate-Keep-Move concept

No need for explanation, bring on the bins.

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