We all, wonderful housewives, want to have an extra clean home and not spending too much money on that goal. Of course, considering the fact that on today’s market you can find a tool, cleaning solutions or some sort of magic cleaner for anything and everything, house cleaning sometimes tends to be a very expensive, if not luxurious thing. But this is not needed at all, because there are so many smart and easy ways to have a perfect, sparkling and healthy home and not spending too much money… even saving some money! Today we offer to you a few simple and smart tips for money-saving laundry.

Do full loads

Don’t waste time and money by not doing full loads. It takes almost the same amount of energy and respectively money to run a small amount of laundry and to do a full load.

Lighten your load

Remember what we have just said above? Forget it, because putting as many clothes as possible into your washing machine and dryer actually decreases the effectivity of both of the machines and instead of leading to you saving some extra money, it all leads to an early breakdown. And who wants to buy a new washer and dryer every few months?

Re-wear clothes

If they don’t stink, don’t have massive stains and don’t desperately need a good wash, you can re-wear your clothes. Why washing something that you only had on for a few hours (excluding underwear, of course), since on average the chances for this piece of clothing still looking wearable are very big!

Use cold water

Your washer heating the water for washing is 90% of the cost of every load. So, with that being said, not heating the water will reduce the cost significantly! Unless you have a case of really stubborn stains, you can use cold water only for most of your loads.

Don’t use too much laundry detergent

More not always mean better. Although we are all brainwashed to think that a cup and even more is required for a full load, the truth is that in real life just a fraction of what we are made to think is enough for perfect cleanliness.

Double spin the clothes

You can spin the clothes a second time in order to make sure that all the excess water will be gotten out and your clothes will need less time to dry in the dryer.


Running an electric dryer may be very convenient and time-saving, but it is also very expensive and uses a lot of energy. On the other hand – sun and fresh air are free and as effective as your electric dryer in getting your washed clothes completely dry. The bonus is that everything will smell fresher and won’t have to deal with clothes shrinking!

And here you have it – the perfect, cost-effective and money-saving wash, from start to finish! Enjoy our clean and fresh-smelling clothes and bedsheets and the reduced energy cost bills too!