Buying a new house, or designing yours, you can be tempted to take all those design decisions and to make all those style choices you have dreamed about and lust over for such a long time. However, a beautiful and interesting design not always are the most practical decisions in terms of cleaning. Although the initial enthusiasm and excitement you have to keep in mind that one week later you are going to have to deal with simple weekly cleaning and only a few months away you are going to be challenged by the seasonal cleaning necessity.

We call it the art of cleaning Feng Shui, or what design and style choices to make in order to have a beautiful and still cleaning-friendly property, so when the time for house or office cleaning comes, you will not regret your design decisions. Harmonising your nearby environment in order to harmonise your thoughts and to find the right balance in your life is the main philosophy Feng Shui gravitates around and this also includes being aware of what will be the most comfortable balance for you to make house cleaning an effective and slightly more pleasant process for yourself.

Did you know that arranging your furniture, for example, plays a huge role in your cleaning routine and somehow it manages to reduce or increase your cleaning time? Did you know that the fabrics you choose for your property can significantly affect your ability to maintain it clean and well-organised? If you find cleaning and organising to be one of the most unpleasant things in the whole world, then we bet that a big part of the responsibility for that comes from the way your rooms are arranged and how accessible they are, when it comes to cleaning and tidying up. So here are a few simple tips on how to achieve Feng Shui organisation that will help you balance cleaning your house!

Arranging furniture

This one is perhaps one of the easiest way to make household duties and chores less engaging and time-consuming. Sure, you can be a fan of the eclectic style and a real hoarder when it comes to furniture pieces, however, the lack of harmony in terms of arranging furniture will not help you for a better cleaning routine. Simplicity is crucial in order to find the harmony in your routine and schedule, so consider some simple and traditional ways to achieve it – place big furniture pieces against walls, use larger furniture pieces, but less of them and so on. This will not only help you make any room more spacious but also makes the cleaning process easy like a piece of cake.


Another aspect that can significantly minimise your maintenance time and make the whole process simpler and easier. Some surfaces are simply easier to clean than others and if you re more on the practical side and more about functionality than crazy designs, then you have to consider a few simple recommendations. In case you have pets, you can make your life less hassle and fuss by choosing to carpet over hardwood floors, for example, in order to avoid the heavy scratches on the expensive wooden floor, or because fur sticks easily to the carpet, where it is also easier to vacuum, then floating around the whole room in case you own a hard floor. Acrylic and polyester fibres are generally the easiest to clean. Tiles are another not that good decision for your bathroom and even for the kitchen, because can you imagine the tile grout you will have to deal with soon or later? The way to go is stained or sealed concrete, linoleum or vinyl for the floors and granite, stainless steel, quartz or laminate for the countertops.