Throwing a party at home is great, no matter the reason, but when guests are gone and you are left with all the mess you have to deal with, it doesn’t seem like that of a good idea. However, this doesn’t have to stop you from partying like a pro, because we have a few simple ideas for you for how to clean the after party mess like a pro. Intrigued? Then have a look and be prepared for your next party!

All the needed supplies

Besides the fact that you have to have a good strategy before the party and be prepared with all the supplies you are going to need, like cups and plates, decoration and so, you also have to be prepared with a list of supplies for after the party. What products you are going to need, do you have enough garbage bags, what about paper towels, rags and sponges? Instead of leaving everything to destiny and living on the edge, better took some time to prepare beforehand and that way you will be sure that nothing is missing and you have everything you need for the after-party cleaning session.

More cleaning supplies

In addition to the above said, having a lot of guests and throwing a big party, you may also expect a lot of accidents. For example, be prepared for some food and beverage stains on your carpet, if you have a carpet. Don't you have a carpet cleaner at home? Then go and buy one before it is too late!

Have a strategy

Yes, parties are great, but when it comes to the after-party cleaning, you just do not want to be bothered. We understand that, but work is work and it has to be done on time. Because of that, instead of wandering around the house and wondering where to start with, better have a strategy beforehand. If you already have supplied yourself with all the weapons to attach, then next is to come up with a strategy that will bring you a victory! For example, have a garbage bag in every room, maybe a couple of recycling bins. Have a schedule for how cleaning is going to happen and focus on that, so you can finish on time.


Be sure to start the cleaning process with uncluttering cabinets and surfaces. It would be easier if you start by getting rid of everything that you do not need and tossing it in the garbage bag. Everything that is not mean to be in the garbage can, you can collect in a box or basket and find its place later, when the house is completely clean.

Empty dishwasher

Have your dishwasher empty and ready for when the party is over.

Double-bag the garbage bins

Since you are expecting a lot of garbage after the party and most probably a lot of smelly, runny garbage and food leftovers, then be sure to double-ensure and prevent nasty thing leaking from the rip in your garbage bag.

Ready, steady, go

Even during the party – have your cleaning supplies close to you. Yes, this may sound like a real party-killer, but better to be ready to react quickly, when someone spills a drink, then leaving stains to get permanent on your carpet.

Begin cleaning when the party is almost over

No, this is not rude to your guests and you are not showing them the door, but when the party is starting to go to an end, you can start to clean up.