Clean First is a company formed by people with experience in the cleaning branch and services, enterprise and a common sense of work ethic, honesty and professionalism. Our common interests brought us to the idea of creating the ultimate cleaning service for busy people and for everyone else in need of professional help and advice. After plenty of research and practice, we finally are on the Highgate market, confident in the high quality we can deliver and count on teams of the best-trained and motivated professionals in the area.

For the years we are on the market, we had the amazing opportunity to grow our business exponentially and form a loyal and hard-working team, thanks to word of mouth referrals and the recommendations our loyal clients spread the word for. Started with a limited amount of services, today Clean First is proud and have the confidence to offer professional cleaning, maintenance and care services to domestic and commercial clients in Highgate and surrounding areas. We quickly became a very popular name for homeowners, estate agents, landlords, businessmen, property managers, developers and practically anyone in need of quality independent cleaning team.

Ensuring comfort and safety – choose the best cleaning company

We are extremely proud of the amazing reputation we have managed to build on our work ethic, the motivation that powers us and give us the drive to move and think forward and our unlimited desire to improve Clean First and keep our business up to date with everything advanced and innovational that will be in big interest for our clients and for us. Consumers and clients clearly recognise our company as true cleaning experts and honest and hard-working people and this makes us happier than you can imagine. Because for us our clients and their positive experience with our service are the most important thing and we cannot make compromises with that!

An effective cleaning plan guaranteed

In order to improve and get even better in what we do, we develop the concept of our own training program that is based on our experience, the knowledge accumulated for so many years, our constant interest in what is new and innovational and a great combination of advanced and time-proven. Each and every member of Clean First is trained according to the highest standards in the branch. We also would like to know our professional cleaners recognise the value of honesty, loyalty and reliability. We listen to our clients, we are interested in their opinions, notes, experience. We are never too proud to pay attention to your notes and feedback and this helps us be even more sensitive to your requirements.

We are a successful cleaning company that provides services for corporative and residential clients in Highgate. We are not simply cleaning, washing and scrubbing, we are creating a comfortable, tidy and clutter-free lifestyle for you to relax and be more productive and inspired. We cater to the lifestyle of busy business and domestic clients that are in need to be able to rely on and put trust in a company that will provide relief from household work and everyday duties.